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Jim Meier Championship Thinking CoachJim Meier is an author, coach, and consultant. He is a trainer to coaches, schools, sports teams and individual amateur and professional athletes in the core areas of sports psychology, leadership, team development, innovation, management and student/athlete and parent relationships. His work is laser focused on 1) directly assisting athletes and teams tap into and display their inner greatness and 2) with coaches, schools and professional teams in strengthening winning traditions.


The cornerstone of Jim’s approach is developing the entire person. Their mind, emotion, heart and spirit, based on character, good old fashion work ethic, desire for play and a healthy dose of moxie. He applies this by assessing for mental game and related strengths and weaknesses and effectively transfers information and skills to a player, coach and full team in many sports.

In December 2007, Leadership Excellence magazine selected Jim to it’s list of top 100 minds in personal leadership. Notables on the list are Mike Krzyzewski, Steve Young, Lance Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey, Zig Ziglar, Steven Covey, Tom Peters and Tony Robbins.

Since 2005 Jim has hosted a weekly hour long Internet radio talk show titled Championship Thinking. The show, designed to educate, inform and motivate coaches and players, features prominent guests from the world of sports. To access the show, simply click on the Championship Thinking banner on this page. Jim has also written two sports psychology workbooks, Golf’s Mental Game; Your 15th Club and Championship Thinking: Building Mental Muscle in Baseball and numerous instruction documents. His frequent media contributions include numerous articles and radio interviews for organizations such as Ripken Baseball, EPSN-The Zone, ABC local affiliate, Omaha-World Herald, “You’ve Got Game”, The Strike Zone, and baseball coaches associations.

In addition to longer term national and international assignments, Jim regularly delivers sports focused presentations in settings such as national conventions, clinics, camps, conferences, workshops, award banquets, cruise ships and school assemblies. A partial list of Jim’s customers can be viewed on the above link, Jim’s customers.

Jim is president of The Training and Consulting Connection (TCC). His background includes advanced education, knowledge and experience in psychology, philosophy and social development as applied to sports. Jim also works with profit, not-for-profit, government, education and professional associations. For information on these services go to www.tccomaha.com and click on the Jim Meier link.