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Focus Area 1: Championship Thinking
Focus Area 2: Greatness in Sports Leadership
Focus Area 3: Building High Performance Teams
Focus Area 4: Excelling in Win-Win Sports Relationships
Focus Area 5: Creativity, Innovation and Change in the World of Sports
Focus Area 6: Powerful and Practical Life Skills in Sports
Focus Area 7: World Class Sales and Service in Sports Organizations
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Championship Thinking Coach is the sports division of The Training and Consulting Connection (TCC). TCC was founded in 1991 to assist customers, including sports clients, with services in, leadership, coaching, team and individual development of mind, heart and spirit, organization consulting and customizing in-depth training. Our focus is assisting our sports customers to :

  1. Get the right people, doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way and for the right reason;
  2. Effectively and efficiently set direction, organize work, develop coaches, players and support staff, meet or exceed goals and consistently maintain a competitive edge
Each topic which we address is designed to provide relevant content based upon studies, research, and on-the-firing-line work, sports and life experience. Additionally, each topic can be:
  • A stand alone session or combined with other topics;
  • Delivered to players and coaches one-on-one or in support group or team settings