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(For Professional Teams, Athletic Departments, Club Organizations)

In order for a sport(s) to survive and thrive many resources are needed including financial. This requires generating revenue from donors, ticket sales, merchandise, camps/clinics, etc. And the logic flow is straight forward…this requires having marketing, sales and service staff that know how to market, sell and serve in ways that establish a value added sports “product” (team) that is PERCEIVED as value-added.

These topic areas can be delivered in one or more of these forms of service: assessment, consulting, coaching, training or presentations.

The Sales Skills in Sports Check-Up: How Healthy am I?

Having and using an effective sales process is critical to a sports organization’s success. Measures of success sin this case meaning, fund raising, ticket sales and creating and growing a satisfied, loyal fan base. Yet, a good process absent of skills to use it is like having a detailed roadmap from A to B but not knowing how to drive the vehicle. This topic walks you through the Championship Thinking Coach 40 item Sales Skills Self-Assessment questionnaire. The purpose is to raise awareness to determine where sales strengths, potential weakness and blind spots exist. This is the first important step in your sales health check-up. A list of successful sports related salesperson characteristics will be provided.

Do you Understand Your Fan’s and Donor’s “Logic”?

In reality, many fans and donors do not fully evaluate your “product” (team(s) and related services in making an informed logical decision. So, what do you do about that? How can you turn this into a competitive advantage? This presentation explores ways to work within the prospect’s comfort zone and speak to their heart and intuition as well as their head. Since some fans and donors are risk adverse, how to minimizing customer fears will be covered.

The ABCs for Building Positive Sports Sales Relationships

I bet you can go into a place of business; restaurant, car dealership, grocery store, bank, general store, etc. and sense whether the environment is more positive or negative. That is because of the invisible but existing energy present there. This is also true for athletic department and executive staff offices and building. Fans, the general public, donors, the media are more likely to lean toward the positive about your program if the reception and energy is positive. This topic provides practical and proven skills for building positive relationships based on principles of authenticity and integrity. Understanding these skills is not the biggest challenge, doing them well, really well, IS!

Questions that Work in the World of Sports Sales Process

Throughout the sales process in sports, you want to establish and maintain a dialogue. With dialogue you create the foundation for a genuine partnership; better understanding needs and are more able to be of appropriate service. Since salespeople often talk too much. The ability to ask easy to answer, timely and useful questions, not only curtails this flaw but leads to gaining critical information. This topic gives specific questions to ask in the sales process-from the introductory meeting/conversation to obtaining agreement.

Avoid Personality “Ships” Crossing in the Night: Applying the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Sports Sales

Gathering data and decision making are the core functions identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)*. The natural tendencies for how a person gathers data and makes decisions each varies by person which can have a significant effect on how smooth or bumpy the sports sales process goes. This topic provides steps for improving communications on these core MBTI functions. Four specific examples of the salesperson-customer interaction based on the core functions will be given which demonstrate how personalities, although well intended, often do not connect.


  1. a basic working knowledge of the MBTI is helpful
  2. Session delivered by a certified and qualified MBTI practitioner

Service Skills that WOW! Customers

If you are in the sports business it is wise to remember:

  1. You get paid with customers money
  2. You have customers because they have a need to address or a want to satisfy
  3. They ha e options; chances are you are not the only resource in town

Attracting and keeping customers has a great deal to do with simply providing very good customer service. This presentation boils down customer service into six core skills that when well executed, lead s to WOWING! customers. Specifics for each of the six skills will be given.