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Jim Meier Championship Thinking in Sports

Host Jim Meier, sports psychology coach, consultant and author offers practical, powerful and positive mental game tools, tips and techniques. Jim's clients as well as sports and psychology experts join Jim with success stories for mastering the mental game. This show is loaded with specific How To's - how to remain confident and focused at crunch time, when pressure, tension and anxiety like making an uninvited appearance.


Jim Meier Championship Thinking CoachJim Meier is an author, coach, and consultant. He is a trainer to coaches, schools, sports teams and individual amateur and professional athletes in the core areas of sports psychology, leadership, team development, innovation, management and student/athlete and parent relationships. His work is laser focused on 1) directly assisting athletes and teams tap into and display their inner greatness and 2) with coaches, schools and professional teams in strengthening winning traditions.