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In the course of work performed by the Championship Thinking Coach, numerous assessment tools: questionnaires, instruments and surveys, are available for use.

The improvement process starts with awareness and recognition that improvement is needed. Initiation of this awareness might come from various sources: coaches, players the team overall, conditioning or support staff, academic advisors, etc. This awareness leads logically to collecting data in order to accurately pinpoint and analyze what has to be done...

  1. more of
  2. less of
  3. be started and/or
  4. be stopped for the desired improvement to become a reality.

A few of many examples are:

  • Team Self-Assessment Survey
  • Leadership Behavior Analysis II
  • Supervisory Behavior Analysis II
  • Innovation/Creativity Self-Assessment
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-Individual and team level
  • Communication Style Survey
  • Dessert, Winter or Jungle Survival-Decision making tool
  • Learning Styles Inventory¬†
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Conflict Management Survey
  • Negotiations Style Survey
  • Golf Personality Profile
  • Baseball Personality Profile