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Written by Jim Meier   

Golf's Mental Game: Your 15th ClubGolf's Mental Game: Your 15th Club is for all levels of golfer, is a 44 page one of a kind workbook designed to make the psychology of golf easy to understand and more importantly, easy to apply. WHY? to enjoy the game more and consistently card smaller numbers. Since pros and amateurs alike tell us the game is 90% mental, we need to get this aspect of the game in shape and keep it in shape.

The workbook has two self-assessments in Part 2, to help pinpoint where the player's game is A) strongest and how to capitalize on those strengths and B) weakest and how to practically, powerfully and positively reduce then eliminate those weaknesses. You are asked to circle those questions that more often than not are true for you.

Since each golfer has his/her own mental game strengths and weaknesses, the workbook becomes specific and customized to the individual in Part 3 where 18 mental game concepts are explained and developed. Part 4 teaches you how to go from having "gotten it" to USING IT.