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Jim Meier Championship Thinking in Sports

Host Jim Meier, sports psychology coach, consultant and author offers practical, powerful and positive mental game tools, tips and techniques. Jim's clients as well as sports and psychology experts join Jim with success stories for mastering the mental game. This show is loaded with specific How To's - how to remain confident and focused at crunch time, when pressure, tension and anxiety like making an uninvited appearance.


  1. Use the power of Internet radio to provide coaches, players, trainers, parents, administrators and sports enthusiasts weekly free and easy access to baseball topics that are timely and relevant to them
  2. Create a means for virtual on-line clinics with some of the best minds in the game
  3. Provide a way for listeners to call in toll free with questions or comments about those topics and access the information live and on-demand


Championship Thinking in Sports is dedicated to giving new and reinforced learning about the five core components of sports excellence at the team and individual level. These five interrelated components are:

  1. Information: timely, accurate and complete knowledge of the game
  2. Motivation: heart, commitment, passion, drive and attitude
  3. Skills: technical, mental, athleticism, communication, leadership and self-management
  4. Fitness: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual
  5. Proper Equipment and Apparel: shoes, uniform, etc.

Weekly guests, major league players, high school and collegiate coaches and a variety of others with baseball expertise, will bring to your “Internet doorstep” a wide array of sports knowledge and skills. Because the consensus is that 90% of success in sports is mental, your host provides a healthy dose of proven sports psychology tools from both his hands-on experience as well as his workbooks which are based upon the reality that “As You Think, So You Play.”