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Championship Thinking in Sports Radio Show

The Internet radio talk show, Championship Thinking in Sports, is targeted to sports organizations (schools and professional), sports associations (national, state, regional or local) or individual teams. Since this is an internet technology, an advertiser’s product and/or service has international and national exposure while still having the capability to target specific sports markets by location and level.

Weight Agility Gloves

The show provides these key features for advertisers:

  1. Staying power and quality! The show has been on the air since 2005, it is a proven tool with many listeners giving an A+ quality rating.
  2. Growth and attraction! From inception, the show’s appeal has drawn a steady and growing number of loyal and interested listeners that are also your customer base. Currently, on average, the show has over 6,000 live listeners and over 1,500 people accessing archived shows per month. This is due to the fact that the show addresses a solid mix of key areas important to your customer base. These are: useful information, mental and physical skill development, fitness and conditioning, strategy and motivation, leadership, team development, interpersonal relations and innovation.
  3. Company name exposure and recognition on a weekly basis through the announcement e-mailed for each show seven days in advance of the broadcast. Currently this e-announcement is sent to over 10,000 people. Approximately 90% are coaches and players with the remaining 10% or so comprised of administrators, vendors/suppliers, media reps, parents and sports enthusiasts.
  4. Placement on the Championship Thinking Coach home page.
  5. Option to advertise products and/or services on the show’s introduction, three 2 minute breaks during the show and end of show trailer.
  6. The flexibility to create timely advertising for special promotions of new products and/or services, events, etc.
  7. The option to increase traffic to your web site by placement on the show's banner and therefore access to the show directly through your company.
  8. Opportunity to have a show(s) with a chosen representative as the guest to discuss a topic relevant to the advertiser’s product and/or service.
  9. The advertising played on a show is heard again when that show is archived and any past show can be listened to on-demand including downloading capabilities to audio players.
  10. The option to serve as an adverting support for a show sponsor and therefore also be listed with your banner and link to your web site on the sponsor’s web site.

Frequently asked questions about show advertising:

  1. Q1. Are there different levels advertising?
    • Yes, advertising can be a one time basis or monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  2. Q2. Can advertising be seasonal?
    • Yes, an advertiser can choose to advertise for select times of the year.
  3. Q3. When can advertising begin?
    • Any week.
  4. Q4. Are pilot advertising options available?
    • Yes
  5. Q5. Does the option exist to advertise on a single show?
    1. Yes
  6. Q6. What does it cost to be an advertiser?
    • Due to the feature of many advertiser options, there are also many cost variations. These are determined by two key points:
      • Length of advertising; monthly, quarterly or annually
      • Placement and amount of advertising; a) Championship Thinking Coach home page b) number of radio spots and c) weekly e-announcements. One, two or all three of these options can be selected.
      • Note: You’ll be happy to learn that the cost for Internet radio sponsorship compared to traditional radio, TV or print is quite reasonable; truly a pleasant surprise.
  7. Q7. Who do I contact to learn more or sign up to be a sponsor?
    • Jim Meier - e-mail him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 402-490-9293