E-mail Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2008
To: Jim Meier
Subject: My Golf Game


Hey Jim, how's it going? I just played golf today and shot 77 on plugged greens. I tried out most of the techniques we discussed in our meeting two days ago. The thing that worked really well was picking out a little tiny target in the distance. Sometimes it was something that I imagined like a 7 iron in someone's bag that was 300 yards away. I did the attach and detach method too and that worked really well; I only concentrated  on golf  for about 5 minutes a hole. In fact I finish better on the back than the front which is something that I have never done before so I know that really worked for me. I shot  41 (made a double and a triple) on the front and  36 on the back. I also used the laser focus and that worked amazing on my drives. Every time I hit my driver it was on the screws. I HIT EVERY FAIRWAY WITH MY DRIVER.
Thank you! I will keep in touch and tell you how I did in the tournaments this up coming week.
Brad is a HS Junior and plays on his HS team